heroin addict? no, heroine addict. please give me more leading ladies i need them to survive




"BUT WHAT ABOUT THE MEN?!" - Is Feminism Sexist? - marinashutup

Yes. Yes. Yes. All of the above yes. Dear lord Jesus yes. An infinity of yesses. Watch this. Take a moment to reflect. And realize this video is fucking gold.

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I got tagged for the six selfie post by pernicious-gaze. She’s awesome!:3 I’m a narcissist and have no life. So I take lots of boring selfies but never post them.

I tag toothpast, asian-marshmallow and highlitercupcake. Have fun!!:3 

me doing housework~

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{CA Girls State, La Jolla, Bodega Bay, San Francisco}

Tagged by pernicious-gaze for six selfies. 

I think I took more selfies this summer than I had in the past year so this was not a problem. 

I tag anyone else who follows me because your faces are all sexy but particularly toothpast, indeedlydooo, and starwarsandfashion

And jgrams0397 and thegirlintheglitter. Natalie I don’t have any selfies of us from cags and I know you have some.

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Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe

23 July 1989



turtletommo tagged me for the “Six Selfies Post”. (Sorry, Hun, these were the only remotely interesting selfies I could find)

So, now I tag ofnerdyvariety, mrschangley, and xroxasx (y’all need more selfies ❤️)

Also derselord, prospitmuse, pantskit, ahiddensanctuary, and majorawesomesquirrels need more selfies out there too

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